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Frequently Asked Questions

What is counselling and how can it help?

Whilst you will find a variety of answers to this question, most will agree that counselling is the process of receiving

professional help to deal with and better manage many of  life's problems. There are many different approaches

to counselling, however it is fundamental of most counselling modalities that a safe and trusting relationship is central to

the process. From just needing to get things off your chest, to receiving treatment orientated therapy for

commonly experienced mental health related problems, people commonly seek counselling for an independent and non-bias

perspective to many different problems.

Further information about counselling can be found here.


What are the fees and charges?

Session fees are charged by the hour and based on the type of service provided. For example, fees may

vary is you are attending as a individual, couple or family. A full list of service fees and charges can be found here

along with some important terms and conditions.

Do you also work with adults?

Yes. We have a range of counsellors who also specialise in working with adults and those over 30. Contact us today to discuss 

your concerns and if we are not able to help, we will assist you with a professional referral to a trysted service within our network. 

Can I access the Medicare rebate?

Harris Counselling is a fully accredited service under Medicare and is able to provide rebated

sessions for clients who have obtained a GP referral and mental health care plan under the Better

Access to Mental Health Care initiative. We are happy to walk you through this process if necessary.

Please note however, that Medicare will only provide a rebate for individual counselling sessions for

the provision of applied psychological strategies. Unfortunately, Medicare does not currently support

couple and family counselling and as a result, you will not be eligible to receive the rebate

if you attend as a couple / family session.

Information about the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative can be found here.

Where are appointments located?

Appointment are located onsite at either Fairfield or Malvern in Victoria. Please indicate your

location preference at the time of booking.

Do you offer on-line, phone or counselling

via email?

Yes, in some circumstances we are able to offer session via video link. Services under Medicare however may not be

able to be performed this way due to funding requirements and stipulations. 

Can I have a choice of male or female counsellor?


Yes, we can offer a choice of male or female counsellors, depending on availability.  Please indicate

your preference for a male or female counsellor at the time of booking.

What if I would like some information about

privacy and accreditation?

All qualified and certified counsellors are subject to a variety of confidentiality codes and responsibilities.  At Harris Counselling

we work hard to ensure that your information is kept private and confidential. Issues pertaining to the possible harm towards

self and / or others may result in your confidentiality being breached under the ASSW code of ethics and other

regulatory codes that are govern the scope of practise to which this service operates. 

Harris Counselling is a fully accredited service endorsed by the Australian Association of Social

Workers (AASW). Information with regards to our privacy policy can be found here.

Further information about the AASW, and accredited mental health social workers

 can be obtained by clicking the following link.

Consultation Hours

Weekends: 8:00am to 7:00pm Saturday and Sunday

Please note that consultation times may vary depending on availability.

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Site Locations

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1800 441 363

1227-1229 Malvern Road

Malvern Victoria Australia


842 Nicholson st 

Fitzroy Victoria Australia

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